Our ground principles:


1. Our motto: Fewer clients – maximum devotion

We provide top-notch and unique legal assistance, tailored to the needs of our clients. To achieve this, we cooperate with a smaller number of clients at the same time. In this way, our clients receive maximum devotion from our side. And we are ready to answer their legal needs anytime.


2. Do we charge for provided legal aid and how much?

To provide the best legal help for our clients, we have invested our time and finances in continuous education and networking (for more information, look at Biography and Certificates). For these reasons, quality legal aid is not free or cheap but reasonably priced. We work exclusively with clients who value our time and commitment to providing the best legal support for them.

The minimum price of the lawyer’s fee is determined by the Lawyer’s Tariff adopted by the Macedonian Bar Association.

However, keep in mind that the lawyer is free to negotiate with the client a higher (in no case lower) price than the minimum.


3. Why and how much do we charge fees for legal consultation (legal advice)?

Quality legal advice is crucial in preventing unnecessary costs for future proceedings. Guided by our belief that prevention is the best remedy, we focus on providing our clients with out-of-court solutions to the legal problems they face. Proceedings are the last remedy, which we resort to only when other possibilities are inaccessible in the given case.

For our clients to receive quality legal advice, we use our expertise and experience, which we have acquired by investing our time, energy, and costs.

Therefore, the costs for legal consultation are at least 50 EUR per hour, depending on the type of legal issue.

If you engage our law office for conveying a procedure after the received consultation, the legal consultation fee will be deducted from the procedure fees.


4. What to expect with the first contact?

Firstly, it is necessary to inform us what the purpose of your inquiry is. Depending on it, we will arrange an appointment in our office (or elsewhere depending on the needs of the case), or online, using tools for organizing remote meetings (Google, Zoom, Viber, What’s up, Telegram, etc.).

In any case, we encourage you to contact Us via our email addresses: advokat.slaveska@gmail.com and info@slaveska.mk, or via the contact form published on our website. We will contact you as soon as possible, preferably on the same day.

The price for a legal consultation is listed above.


5. What NOT to expect with the first contact?

There is no instant solution for every case. Each case is different, so we need to consider all aspects of the case, in order to provide a comprehensive and accurate answer to your questions. 



If you want to contact Us for any type of legal support, We are at your disposal!