The cornerstone in construction is the contract – Lawyer for construction from Skopje


CONSTRUCTION LAWYER FROM SKOPJE – Construction is one of the most specific legal fields. This is because it is one of the most regulated areas in the law, which is subject to frequent legal changes. On the other hand, contracts concluded in the field of construction are complicated and require appropriate legal expertise.

Our legal office located in Skopje, North Macedonia, offers complete legal support from the very beginning – signing (pre)contract for co-investment, issuing of licenses, till final realization – registration of the object in the Public Registry of Real Estate Rights.

Despite this, we collaborate with professionals of a different kinds – designers, urban planners, contractors, and supervisors, who can help you realize your business idea.


In this manner, our law office offers a variety of legal services in the area of construction, such as analysis and preparation of contracts for:

  • Co-investment,
  • Construction,
  • Projection,
  • Supervision;


As well, we offer legal counseling and legal representation in proceeding for:

  • Regulation of property rights (privatization, denationalization, purchase of land, etc.) ;
  • Acquiring construction permit and use permit;
  • Registration of construction object;
  • Other services;


If you need legal advice or help, feel free to contact us!