When family and married life is not “milk and honey” anymore – Family and Inheritance Lawyer from Skopje


FAMILY AND INHERITANCE LAWYER FROM SKOPJE – The family is the basic cell of a society, which should ensure the normal growth and development of its members. However, the family does not always fulfill this function, which is why families should seek legal advice or legal representation from a lawyer.

Our law office situated in Skopje, North Macedonia, is sensitized to deal with cases of impaired family relationships, especially with cases of families with minor children. In our work, we are always guided by the best interests of the child, depending on the specifics of each case (e.g. in cases of domestic violence, the best interests of the child sometimes require the child to be removed away from the violent family environment, or require limitation of contacts with the violent member of the family).

Fully aware of the sensitivity of the matter, our law office located in Skopje, North Macedonia guarantees you absolute discretion in sharing your information with us. Moreover, we use all disposable legal mechanisms to help you to exercise your rights and restore your well-being as soon as possible and with the least cost.




In this domain, our law office offers you a wide range of services related to:




Additionally, we offer legal services in the field of inheritance law, especially in the terms of:

  • Distribution of legacy according to the law or the will of the deceased (participation of a lawyer is mandatory);
  • Distribution of newly-found property (participation of a lawyer is mandatory);
  • Selection of the most appropriate form of will and legal assistance in its compilation;
  • Legal counseling and composition of contracts for distribution of property rights during lifetime, contracts for lifetime alimentation, gift contracts;
  • Proclamation and challenge of a will;
  • Exercising and challenging the right to a legacy;
  • Exercising and disputing the rights of legally necessary (forced) heirs;
  • Other services;


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